Monday, January 29, 2007

A Lesson In Flipping The Bird

Today's lesson is about a smart bird. Why this bird is so smart, it doesn't need a cap and gown. It's so smart, it can go to its PC and print-up a fake passport good enough to fool U.S. customs. The bird with the brains is the Barred Owl (strix varia), more commonly known as the "hoot owl". It is a large typical owl with a breeding habitat of dense woods, stretching across the eastern U.S., Canada and south and Central America. It hunts at dawn, dusk, or night, by waiting on a high perch or flying through the woods and swooping down on its prey. It mainly eats small mammals such as mice and rabbits, and other small birds. So a word of warning, if your kids should accidentally shrink you down to say a 24-inch replica of yourself do try not to wander off into the woods between dusk and dawn, and whatever you do, don't wear a fur coat. So, now that I've saved your life, the least thing you could do is read one of my poems:


Undaunted by class infatuation for cosmonauts
a collar of water passes from a golden harp
marching in sync to a three-quarter note
wearing party hats with embossed
chickedees their rpm dueling
with their gulf tick tock
they proudly pass
picnickers on bicycles all
sprawled out under a pilsner
sky napping like dogs beneath
blue immersions as tiny evels chuckle
over the airwaves at happiness hiding in the
thicket blanket.

This poem first appeared in print in: Fortress Of Words
May 2004 Issue No. 4
Copyright 2007 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.
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