Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another Pop Quiz

OK class! It’s time to put those thinking caps on again so we can measure the noodles in your noodle soup.

Here’s a test I give my high school students just to make sure they know their A’s from their Antonyms. A rocket scientist like you should be able to pass it with flying colors. And if you nose-dive, blame it on the glass ceiling. So, let’s see how well you can soar:

Quiz on Antonyms

An Antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word.

Read the following sentences. Replace the antonym in yellow for its opposite.

Example: Mark lives on the floor above me. Answer: below

1. Tom is a very loyal friend. ______________

2. The math problems were very difficult. ______________

3. These shoes I’m wearing are comfortable. ______________

4. The child’s jacket is reversible. ______________

5. I often read at night before I go to sleep. ______________

6. The glass of milk was empty. ______________

7. My vacation plans are complete. ______________

8. Please button your coat. ______________

9. Jerry is likely to make an A in English class. ______________

10. I feel very fortunate to live in Portland. ______________

11. Everyone in the group are skilled workers. ______________

12. She is a very friendly person. ______________

13. It is possible to eat dinner later. ______________

14. Martin will be unable to drive me there. ______________

15. The waiter was so polite. ______________

16. Rush-hour traffic can sometimes be slow. ______________

17. The child did not know how to tie his shoe. ______________

18. A heavy rain fell all night. ______________

19. I was prepared for the interview. ______________

20. Mom folded the wash after eating lunch. ______________

And when you finish this brain teaster, here’s another form:

An Impromptu Using Scaffolds

She never pretends
to be charming!

But on occasion she does
cross my Rialto a time or two,

wearing only her faults as if they
were a sign of good taste.

Can you guess her trade?
Clue; it resembles a beach house in the Bronx

Salutary Surgery Or Humdrum Substitute

Onions however, usually smell like onions.

Whether she actually smells them or not, she drops
by for dinner uninvited. She brings one green tomato.

Two little chickadees. Three plastic Madonnas that
resemble the Vietnam War. Four place-mat sets

celebrating the glory of gay marriage. Five fairy-tale
aprons with their own deck of playing cards. Six

genital kinships about to give birth to the Blues. Eight
fancy detox clinic lobbies. Nine Liberace lookalikes.

Oh yeah, and ten hypotenuses to JFK's assassination,
cleverly disguised as Swedish meatballs.

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