Saturday, May 26, 2007

The German Oprah

Today's posting is about a woman who many consider German TV's evaluate of America's Oprah Winfrey. She is a talkshow celebrity I first noticed when I lived and worked as a freelance photographer there during the 80s.

Arabella Kiesbauer ( born April 8, 1969 in Vienna as Cosima Arabella Asereba Kiesbauer) is a well-known Austrian television host, with TV shows in Switzerland, and particularly in Germany.

Kiesbauer (which means gravel farmer in German) is the daughter of the German theater actress Hannelore Kiesbauer and Ghanaian mechanical engineer Sammy Ammissah. She was raised by her grandmother in Vienna. After the Matura at the Lycee Francais de Vienne she studied journalism and theater sciences.

She began a television career 1987 as a host of the ORF Jugensendung X-Large. Then in 1994 in she hosted a daily Talkshow Arabella and in that same year published a CD titled NUMBER One.

On June 9, 1995, a racially-motivated letter bomb assassination was made, an incident in which a female assistant was hurt. The sender, Franz Fox was seized later and committed suicide before he was sent to trail.

A month later, in July 1995 Arabella appeared on the cover of the German version of Playboy as if to send a message to other would-be assassins. In 2004 Arabella was intended to be replaced by a new show called Confession but in the end both shows were concealed.

That same year she did play the relevant host of a show called “Nachmittagstalkshow", which polarized the spectators. The unorthodox talkshow, with its controversial topics and hardline tactics may have been too much for the Bavarian television taste and was taken off the air after only a brief run.

Over the past few years, Arabella has been working as a model for Vögele Shoes in Switzerland, as well as a jury member on the TV show Music Box. She married in November 2004 to a Viennese entrepreneur Florens Eblinger after a seven-year-old relationship with the painter and cameraman Fred Schuler.

So, I hope all my friends who don't believe me when I said, "Germany has never imported Oprah Winfrey's talkshow because it has it own Oprah" will believe me now. I'm glad my memory still serves me well, glad there's Wikipedia to verify it, and extremely glad I don't have to write my address down on the palm of my hand before I go to the laundry room in case I get lost, at least not yet anyway.

Now, here's a poem for you talkshow lovers:

Or The God Who Plunders Saltworks

Sleep you can teach how to curtsy.

The alternative story appears in pictures of sun
on a lake of still water and includes a disclaimer.
Some sunbathers from the gravel pit stop for lunch.
"I'll rearrange your furniture if you give me an all-day
admission pass", he says, hoping her birthmark is
merely a quiet animal. " Sometimes the shapes &
sizes can vary from a mustache to lead pipe", she
replies, just before her barbershop closes. And
over the years a trumpet becomes more & more

bringing buckets of ice water by day...
& a fox loose in the chicken coupe by night.

A list of ways to threat hysteria.
Mental illnesses that are mistaken for scrap-metal...

always in a straight line the trees the cars the traffic...
& the way most taxidermists always seem to look so stiff.

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