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Eurostar is a train service connecting London and Kent in England with France (primarily Paris and Lille) and Brussels in Belgium. Trains cross the English Channel via the Channel Tunnel. In Southern England, a new railway line has been built to the same high-speed LGV standards used in France. The two-phase Channel Tunnel Rail Link project has been partially in operation since 2003, reducing times to and from London Waterloo. Eurostar have announced that from opening of the CTRL into London St Pancras on November 14, 2007 it will be branded as High Speed 1.

Since the first revenue-earning Eurostar trains ran in November 1994, Eurostar has established a dominant share of the market on the routes it serves. In November 2004 Eurostar stated that their share of the combined rail/air market share had grown to 68% for London⇔Paris and 63% for London⇔Brussels. The company noted that these passenger figures represented a saving of 393,000 carbon dioxide-producing short-haul flights.

Works about to finish near Brussels South will additionally provide a four-minute improvement for all Brussels-bound services. Completion of the dedicated rail link on the British side will allow a significant potential increase in the number of Eurostar trains serving London. Separation of the CTRL from UK domestic railway services through Kent means that timetabling for Eurostar train paths will be unaffected by peak-hour restrictions. After CTRL2 is completed, up to eight trains per hour in each direction will be able to travel from London to Continental Europe, moving the bottleneck in capacity to the Channel Tunnel.

Some Eurostar services stop en route to Brussels and Paris. Current intermediate stations are Ashford International, and [Gare de Calais-FréthunCalais-Fréthun]] and Lille-Europe in northern France. Eurostar also run daily services to Disneyland Paris, a weekly summer-time Avignon service, and twice-weekly to Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Aime-la-Plagne and Moutiers in the French Alps for the ski season.

From 14 November 2007 all Eurostar trains will be routed via High Speed 1 from the newly redeveloped London terminus at St Pancras International. St Pancras station is being extensively rebuilt and extended in length to cope with the 394 m Eurostar trains, with the surrounding area being regenerated as King's Cross Central.

On 4 September 2007, a special record-breaking train left Paris Gare du Nord at 10.44 (9.44 BST) and reached London St Pancras in 2 hours 3 mins 39 seconds. French driver Francis Queret took train-set 3223/24 through France, while Briton Neil Meare took control of the train passing through Kent. Transporting journalists and railway workers, the train was the first passenger-carrying arrival at the new St Pancras station.

The Eurostar network has 9–15 daily trains London–Paris and London–Brussels, with at least one non-stop service per day. Throughout the day Paris and Brussels services stop at Lille-Europe, Calais-Fréthun and Ashford International. In addition to the three-capitals service, there is one round-trip London–Disneyland and two seasonal services to the south of France. During the summer months there is one train makes the journey London–Ashford–Avignon Centre. In the winter months there are two weekly services London–Bourg Saint Maurice in the Alps. These two Snow Train services are designed to suit skiing enthusiasts, with one overnight and one daytime round-trip.To find out more about Eurostar go to:

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Now, here a poem you can ride on:


In shoes looking like June. A bed or barn
filled with hay. A pilot light instead of a
flame. Or else stones. In a bar in Bangkok.
Daisies in Denver. Every other building in
rubble. An eye chart that spells "sweat'.
Noisy hic-cups. A Street with figures in it.
A shed painted red. Her blue skirt. Wet hen.
Dry gin. Placing one hand on a hip. Or green
streaked across a plain. One holly roller!
An effigy or egg sandwich. Pages that refuse
ink. Dust in every casual shower. The clock
of "future-tense". Your secret love. A tongue
that's almost swallowed. As X stains the bed
linen. Unconscious TV. Chainsaws of memories.
Still those hic-cups. To replace the horizon
with an equal sign. An alibi or matrix. A
village only known by its name. Neither eye
nor ear. To hear the toll of the bell says a
line crossed out. Where O is the color of
every bodies name. So just hell or heal me!

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