Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Political Cartoons From October

Cartoons gathered from: www.time.com

Now, here's a poem that's bound to make you smile:

Reconstructing The Kick-Off Protest

Dear Samantha,

As a result of breaking-up with me you’ve missed seeing the sea
on horse-back. You never got the chance to witness the poetic
honor in my museor the chicken-flavored malt that sticks to the
scullery in my partial plate. Perhaps you understand by now that my
only weapon is one strum of apeaceful lyre and that my heel spurs
never meant to jingle such a carelesstune. Unscathed by love myself,
I write this banquet using a feast of scrapmetal. Please hear my
Boston terrier whimpering and once again becomemy tanning salon.
Banana fritters. Bowls of micro-wave popcorn at midnight. Nothing
can take the place of your hang-nails. Not even the fog of war left
behind by Woodbines or all the free cigarettes handed out at the
subway’sentrance. All I’m asking is that you let me bump and crackle
your coal fire then send out my mayday distress signal reassured that
a rescue team is on the way. Do try to remember that I'm the same
guy who said gunpowder akes me sneeze and that seven is my lucky
number. Keep in mind that the meaning of my story still waits to be
unwrapped and I can normally sleep at the drop of a hat without the
need of fancy prologues.

Copyright 2007 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.


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