Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama Extends Winning Streak

Barack Obama cruised past a fading Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Wisconsin and Hawaii primaries last night, gaining the upper hand in a Democratic presidential race for the ages. It was Obama's ninth and tenth straight victory over the past three weeks, and left the former first lady in desperate need of a comeback in a race she long commanded as front-runner.He garnered broad support from nearly all types of Wisconsin voters Tuesday and showed strong signs of eroding Hillary Rodham Clinton's usual coalition, including white women and working-class whites, according to exit polls.

He also was performing strongly with young whites, middle-aged people and moderates while expanding his decisive leads with independents, college-educated, high income and very liberal voters.Clinton's strengths were coming from less-educated and older voters, two of her mainstays this year. Just over half of those with no more than a high school diploma were supporting the New York senator, as were six in 10 of those over age 65.

That was about her average margin among both groups in the 21 competitive Democratic primaries so far this year. Clinton's muscle also has come in part from a 22 percentage point lead she has held over Obama among white women in earlier primaries. last night they were running even.About nine in 10 Wisconsin Democratic voters were white. There was not enough early data for any meaningful information on how blacks were voting, but in the past eight in 10, or more, have backed Obama.

Six in 10 men were supporting Obama, including the same proportion of white men. That is a group Obama has done increasingly well with, especially since former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards left the race two weeks ago. Obama has dominated young voters all year, leading Clinton by nearly 20 points in the primaries and typically drawing huge crowds on college campuses.

There was also a primary held in Hawaii but the results will not be known until sometime today. What is known is that Democratic voter turnout in Wisconsin outnumered the Republican turnout by two to one. Will Republican voters simply stay home come the national election in November or will they become equally fired-up, that is the question. Find out more about Sen. Obama at his website:

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Now, here's one of my poems seeking your vote:

You Decide

Five rows of green
tomatoes. Crayons spread
across a table. Page after
page of shorthand. Two
meadowlark in plain view.
A vending machine
of peanuts for pennies.
Ripe strawberries in a
yellow dish. Headlights
beyond the driveway.
Fresh sheets on a
mattress. An ice cream
truck melting through
summer. Life that grabs
us already screaming.

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