Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Cross-Culture Literary Conference

For today's posting I thought I'd make a pitch for the upcoming freelance poetry feast at Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA set tp take place in May. I have been invited to be one of poetry readers/panel speakers. Instead of me telling you what the schedule will be, why don't I just show you the info that was sent to me:

May 24-5 2008
Keynote speakers will include: experimental playwright, poet and activist Rodrigo Toscano (author of To Leveling Swerve), Gertrude Stein Prize-Winning writer Mark Wallace (author of Temporary Worker Rides a Subway), poet Laura Elrick (author of Fantasies In Permeable Structures), novelist and columnist Randall Kenan (author of Walking on Water: Black American Lives at the Turn of the 21stCentury), poet and film theorist Tung-Hui Hu (author of Mine)poet Leonard Schwartz (author of Gnostic Blessing), poet and essayist Kristin Prevallet (author of Shadow Evidence Intelligence and Third Mind: Creative Writing Through Visual Art), John Bellamy Foster (Editor of The Monthly Review) and many others.

This year’s theme is “Activism & the Avant-Garde.” We are seeking papers, prose, poetics, groups of poems, and any hybrid text-based work that would advance discussion of at least one of the central questions posed at this conference: 1) Where is the intersection between political resistance and the Avant-Garde, both historically and now? 2) What is the function (if any) of “non-mainstream” literary work—and what do we mean by “non-mainstream”? 3) How has non-mainstream writing evolved recently? Any work that addresses literary matters in relation to commercialism and the economics of particular literary landscapes, imperialism, ethnography, feminism, postcolonialism, translation, globalization, web technology, or particular writers and/or small presses is especially welcome. All writers awarded panel and/or workshop spots will have their work published as part of an anthology.

To Submit: Deadline is May 1, 2008. See guidelines on website.

To Attend: Press is open to the public. See website.

Visit: www.evergreen.edu/writingcenter/press/mission.htm

Now, what about a dose of one of my poems:

Or Merely Vague Terrain

An ocean parked in the driveway of Italy.

Seats warmed by ghost. A red buoy meant to mark
a diver. Stunted pebbles eluding capture. Exhaust
fumes. Or just to curse the sea she captained, he says,
once on dry land. Wind rattling a window. Two broken
blossoms. Any gravedigger. The time between spring

& summer in an unsynchronized green...

in the afternoon, the sun, a gull --

or the chatter of flip-flaps along a boardwalk.
More signs pointing towards nothing to fight for.
Or a son and mother mistaken for sisters...

as dusk agrees to hide every stain...
on a coastal road narrower than accident.

Poem first published at: http://www.poetrybay.com/
Visit my ezine: http://www.concelebratory.blogspot.com/
and music blog: http://www.medleymakersant.blogspot.com/
Copyright 2008 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.


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