Thursday, April 3, 2008

Obama Reveals March Donor Haul

Mr Obama raised $40m (£20m) in March after taking a record $55m in February. The campaign of his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, admitted it had been outraised but said it had enough funds to compete.

Hillary Clinton is hoping to peg back Obama's lead when Pennsylvania holds its primary election on 22 April.

The latest count of pledged delegates to the National Convention in August, according to Associated Press, puts Obama at 1,634 and Mrs Clinton at 1,500.

A total of 2,024 is needed to win the Democratic nomination.

The key upcoming votes for the Democrats are Pennsylvania, with 158 delegates up for grabs, and North Carolina and Indiana in May.

A new telephone opinion poll by Quinnipiac University suggested Clinton held a nine-point lead over Sen. Obama in Pennsylvania, down from 12 points two weeks before.

Neither candidate can secure the 2,024 delegates needed by winning the remaining primaries alone, analysts say, and will need the votes of so-called super-delegates who are not bound by pledges.

I have been a supporter of Sen. Obama from the start, sumply because he is the best person to guide America through the challenges we face as a nation, both on a national and international scale. Like John Kennedy, Obama is God sent and the only sensible choice without question for the next four years. Find out more about his campaign at:

Research info gathered at:

Now, here's on of my poems that's seeking votes:

Do You Read Me, Copy?

His chair can purr.

He takes it everywhere he goes.
Some say he feels this unusual
closeness because the chair
reminds him of the basic animal
instinct in all of us. Others insist
the chair is simply his “security
blanket” he’ll never have to wash.
Whatever the reason, year after
year he carries it over a shoulder.
He once even had it upholstered in
a flame-stitch pattern using colors
taken from the rainbow. But thec
hair remained non-committal with
sturdy legs. It prides itself in being
a perfect dance partner and never
eats meat. It can be positioned in
an endless variety of angles and
has a built-in microphone. Best of
all, when he finishes this life he can
just fold it up and ship it by parcel
post to that place, rumored to be
somewhere beyond the white light.

Poem first published at:
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and music blog:
Copyright 2008 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.


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