Monday, February 19, 2007

PJ & Poet

Ever heard of a pod cast called “The Countdown”? Well, you should have by now if you enjoy good poetry as much as you say you do, especially if you consider it a special treat to hear poems being read by the poets themselves. It's like having an evening of “open mic” right in your living room.

The whole concept is the brainstorm of Didi Menendez who also happens to be the editor of the online literary site Mi Poesias. She takes on the creative title of MiPo Radio for this particular project featured on ODE. She must never sleep to keep the whole thing working. You see, the PJ (pod cast jockey) Bob Marcacci has been working on a teaching assignment in China up until last month. Josh Hinck, who handles the music and sound lives in Canada, and the two excellent voices behind the readers used on the show, Luke Simonich and Julie Carter live in different states.

Through the miracle of modern electronics it all comes together in a 30-minute or so flawless production about every couple of months (plans are to have a production every 4 weeks this year). To be honest, the music along would be worth listening to. Add Bob Marcacci’s “smooth jazz” & “fine wine” voice and you’ve got pure pleasure oozing from your PC.

The next episode is scheduled to be released in about a week even though Bob has recently settled almost half-a-world from China, this time in the south-east corner of Italy. He says the time spent searching for new material on poetry blogs is a labor of love. Contacting the poets for permission to use their work can be altogether different. But the production wheels continue to spin. Ideally, poets record their work and then send the results via downloads. Did I mention that “The Countdown” even showcases dead poets work. There have been two recent podcast showcasing the likes of Gertrude Stein and Langston Hughes, reading their own poetry. Hey, so if you’re looking for a website where you can have poetry read to you in a polished presentation you should pay a fee for but don't, bookmark:

Want something to read before you head off on a visit. Get to this:

Edith In Clogs

does still my size
suspended so scantily
you bare stark
forged in grit
conjures up one ring…
curved around a finger
or parts just swell
into soft reaches
my forever angel
in voice, mouth
for multiple kisses
ready, begin
ever could one sentence
or slang…that snags
white doves
-Shh, I’ll tell you a secret-
a mass of mascara
to plunder
a helluva way with legs
in a studied pose
petting the blackberries
we fly the hull
via adjacent vices
and the thinks we thought.

Summer Cottage Sonnet

Five rustic cottages.
Stands of old-growth
trees. Power lines hidden
by leaves. Each river a
watershed. Peaty banks.
Vegetation looming in shade.
Car lights on the scrubs.
Twin coronas of roses. Rice
steam that curls upward into
black hair. A bit of wine.
The kitchen chair for a
barber shop. We wrestle.
Rain announces a time-out.
Old logging roads. Alert
deer. Stop signs that shimmy
in the wind on their posts.
A ram shacked house flanked
by rusted cars. The damp
sour smell of a pulp mill.
Supermarket pass picture
windows. Then fog thick as
honey. Another part of what
we are or mostly a pause.

These poems first appeared in print at: Poetry Pamphlet
Issue 7 March 2005. Online at:
Copyright 2007 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.

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didi said...

Hello - the url to Bob's page is wrong. You can just link to if it makes it easier for you. Thank you for reviewing his program.

Didi Menendez

Bob said...

thanks for the great review, Maurice...