Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Quiz on the Statue of Liberty

Alright class, it’s time to put on your thinking caps again.
Let’s begin by taking out a pencil and paper and a pair
of blinders to keep your eyes from wandering to your
neighbors answers. Ready?

Write the correct answers to the following questions:

To find the answers go to the website:

Then click on “English” and enter the name in the “search field”.

Here are the questions:

1. What is the name of the island the Statue of Liberty sits on?

2. Why did France give the Statue to America?

3. How far is the Statue of Liberty from Manhattan (Battery Park)?

4. What was the island called up until 1956?

5. How many “spikes” are in the Statue’s crown and what do the represent?

6. How tall is the Statue (including the foundation and the pedestal)?

7. What year was the interior (inside) of the Statue closed to the public?

8. How is the “torch” lit-up?

9. What year was the original torch replaced?

10. Who designed the pedestal that the Statue sits on?

Good Luck

Wait a minute! Before you start, read a poem to give you motivation:

“Post Script” Sonnet

I’m not alone. Everyone desires real dirt
on the ground. Comfortable hiking boots.
Quick-drying paint. Friendly taco vendors.
Nothing compact and limiting. A sky clear
Enough to trace with your finger . Fresh air
For the tuba. Bowls of orange sherbet. All
The honeycomb that’s left. Journeys short
Enough not to be tiring. Baited fish hooks
More clover than grass. Unseasonably
Warm weather for February. Grapes on the
Wine. Lawn chairs. Scented candles. A pair
Of changeable underwear. Pine cones worth
Collecting. Deer sightings. Harmonica fit for
Background music. Romantic words with the
Voltage to generate their own power. Belfry
Views. Piano in the dark. Death that’s smart
Enough to stay away from our rocking chairs.

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