Thursday, January 24, 2008

Amy Goes To Rehab

On Thursday January 24th Amy Winehouse checked into rehab as she finally admitted the need for treatment on her drug addiction, her record company has confirmed.

Video footage that showed the singer smoking crack cocaine was published on the internet this week and appears to have brought a long-standing problem to its head. "Amy decided to enter the facility today after talks with her record label, management, family and doctors," Universal Music Group said in a statement.

"She has come to understand that she requires specialist treatment to continue her ongoing recovery from drug addiction."

Winehouse, who had the biggest selling album in the UK last year and whose most famous song is, of course, about a refusal to go into rehab, has cancelled a scheduled appearance at the NRJ music awards ceremony in France this weekend.

Earlier yesterday, Winehouse's father Mitch told the BBC that she was still reluctant to undergo treatment.

"Part of the problem is she doesn't think she's got a problem. She thinks she can do what she does recreationally and get on with the rest of her life," he told BBC London 94.9.

"The moment she says she wants to go into a facility, within half an hour she will be in a facility. But unless she wants to do it of her own accord, it's pointless."

It is believed that Winehouse still hopes to perform at the forthcoming Grammy Awards, to be presented on February 10 in Los Angeles. She is nominated for six awards including best new artist and album of the year. As a big fan of her music I can only hope so. Find out more about this new promising artist at:

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Now, here's a poem that's considering rehab too:

Instructions To H/She Who Waits

Then finally, I make a list of the things we won’t need:

-Hula honey in the airplane propeller.

-A stand-in knot of arsenal bondage.

-Any spittish trail that pours out of chance.

-Straw bales from your marooned pelvic purse.

-Any trifle act of a same-sex drought.

-Every go-go boot germ in a robot’s heartbeat.

-Four synonyms for male perversity worry beads.

-All ink fountains of mastectomy cheeks.

-The rejection slip of a steel-toed jodhpurs.

-Chest wax designed for a cruise missile.

-Fragrant stirrups encased in a falsetto toll box.

-And of course, the rubber pulley of gesture implants.

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