Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obama: "Yes We Can"

Sen. Barack Obama overwhelmingly beat Sen. Hillary Clinton with 55 percent support to her 27 percent, and former Sen. John Edwards, trailing with 18 percent support, with almost all preccints reporting in the South Carolina primary on Saturday the 26th of January.

Clinton left South Carolina that same evening for Nashville, Tenn., where she sought to minimize her loss and emphasize the upcoming Super-Duper Tuesday votes Feb. 5.

Yet to win any primary contest thus far, John Edwards lost again tonight, another crushing blow to the former senator, who was born in South Carolina and won the state in 2004.

Congratulating Obama and Clinton tonight, Edwards told supporters, "Our campaign from the very beginning has been about one central thing, and that is to give voice to millions of Americans who have absolutely no voice," Edwards said.

This is the second win in the nomination battle for Obama, who won the Iowa caucuses earlier this month, but this is his first win in a state with a sizable African-American population.

Clinton started out strong in the state, but began to trail Obama in December. In recent weeks her campaign has tried to lower expectations, positioning her as the underdog in the race, and largely leaving her husband, former President Bill Clinton, to campaign for her in the Palmetto State.

But in a campaign dominated by talk of race, South Carolinians went into the polls with the economy on their minds; just over half called it the most important issue in their vote. South Carolina has the fourth-highest unemployment rate in the nation, and has lost more than 90,000 manufacturing jobs over the last decade.

In a race that has increasingly become a delegate war leading up to the Super-Duper Feb.5 primaries and caucuses, Obama won an estimated 25 delegates in the South Carolina primary, Clinton won an estimated 12 and John Edwards recieved 8 delegates. He has won the Democratic primaries in states with some of America's whitiest and blackest populations, and now goes into Super Tuesday on Feb. 9th with added wind in his campaign's sail. He is the only '08 Presidential candidate to offer real change and people all over the nation are beginning to take notion. If you have not registered to vote yet, you can at:

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Now, here's a poem looking for your vote:

Landscaping The Future

in scene 6 the script calls for patches of the hellgate world
to suck a gree-swollen hill of all its exhaust-resistant trees
then surround innocent saplingsin a solid schoolyard circle
piercing every crease and crevice while the sky turns pure
purple but on the other side of town it's 1999 in a honey-only
club as a waitress appears on cue wearing a submachine
gun smile in halo heels hooked on phonics and stuffed in a
skimpy dress the barely conceals her sung song with padded
hips and goldfish legs all to no avail as every patron stares in
unison towards center stage where a lone spotlight illuminates
several feather penstrokes of flesh in an apricot hue until
darkness pales in between and the dancer pauses to gain her
balance just before stepping into the mext millenia to cat calls
and wild applause that almost sounds holy.

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