Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Latest Polls Good News For Obama

Despite a weekend of negative coverage following his controversial remarks about some small town Americans, Barack Obama appears to be holding steady or making gains in the next three primary states, according to a just released poll.

Most surprisingly, the new LA Times/Bloomberg poll shows Obama ahead of Hillary Clinton by 5 points in Indiana (40 to 35 percent), a state with demographics that favor the New York senator and one where other recent polls have shown her with a lead.

The poll also shows Clinton only holds a 5 point lead in Pennsylvania (48 to 43 percent). That margin is among the slimmest measured between to the two candidates and is significantly less than the double digit lead Clinton held there two weeks ago.

In North Carolina, the new survey shows Obama with a 13 point lead (47-34 percent), a margin that is consistent with other recent polls in that state. Pennsylvania votes April 22 while Indiana and North Carolina vote two weeks later on May 6. Should Clinton win in Pennsylvania, some political observers have said she must score a victory in at least one of the May 6 states to make a compelling argument to continue her presidential campaign. The poll was conducted over five days (April 10-14), the majority of which came after Obama's now famous "bitter" comments first surfaced.

It's amazing how the media can try to make a mountain out of a molehill. It seems they have their "let's pick-on this candidate this week" each week. Obama only spoke the truth and we all know it. Sure blue-collar America is "bitter". Just drive to your nearest gas station and fill up your tank and see if you don't feel "bitter" too. What the media doesn't get yet is that voters are finally beginning to refuse to fall for the same old "sidetrack tatics" used to distract us from the real issues. Americans want the problems this nation faces resolved, and they want it done using fresh new ideas like the ones Sen. Obama speaks about. O yeah, and we as a nation will hold a collective breath and hope that "change" is not too late.

Research info gathered at: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/

Now, here's one of my poems that's asking for your vote:

With Background Music & A Dance Sequence

War was never a good listener. But it is a master of disguises:

-Gunfire that sounds like a beating heart.

-A cave that requires an access code to enter.

-Modern conveniences found in a sleazy bar.

-Loose change that adds-up to a fifty-cent deficient.

-A packing slip that smells like sulfuric acid.

-One Peeping Tom at a glory hole convention.

-The zipper in the fly of Global Warming.

-Any of the spaces between the rings of Saturn.

-Methadone boarding a plane at LaGuardia.

-The pastoral setting in a kung-fu movie.

-House lights that remain on during the day.

-A military strategy suffering from jock-itch.

Poem first published at: http://www.whyvandalism.com/
Copyright 2008 by Maurice Oliver. All Rights Reserved.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately 'WAR' is sometimes necessary to protect freedoms perhaps your jock-itch has spread upwards to your mental faculties??? we don't need a 'fake' liberal/sorry progressive/sorry socialist/sorry communist who attended harvard or yale law in this election!!! but perhaps BARKY[because he likes to 'bark' at FREUDIAN instances like invading PAKHISTAN because his step-dad was a PAKHISTANI talk about your time in therapy eh??? ADLERIAN/JUNGIAN/orMESSINGERIAN doesn't matter!!!]OBAMA the FRENCH REVOLUTION was pure democracy or pure 'polling' and really did not end up to well - or do you consider headlessness just a minor inconvenience??? regards zyskandar

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree. War is sometimes very necessary. One excellent example is America's own Civil War. Had it not been for Lincoln's courage and foresight we might be two seperate countries today, one where all of its citizens were free, and one where degrees of freedom are determined by skin colors.

Some wars are vital. But the Iraq War never was. It was never intended to be a war to fight for people's freedoms. From the very start the Iraq War was about America securing a source of oil for this decade. The Iraq War had nothing to do with 9/11 either. If it had than this nation went to war with the wrong nation, plain and simple.

You right-wing conservative basket cases all have two things in common; you are all basically mean-spirited people and you are hypocrites. And you are no exception.

Question: If you believe in the war so much, that it's right and that it will make this nation safer and stronger, why aren't you fighting for your country in one of the two Middle East battlegrounds?

Just think, you have two chances (you can pick which war you want to die for)to make your statement to the world. Even if don't sign up to join the military per say or are too old or have flat feet, or had corn flakes for brains, there are still tons of military contact positions you could fill, trucks you can drive, and a brand new multi-million dollar embassy that's "dying" for an office staff.

So don't wave your flag in my face. You are no more patriotic than me and you certainly don't love your country any greater, beacause if you did you'd see that the only hope this nation has at the moment, if there is any hope of getting oursleves out of the mess Bush and his bunch of idiots have made, is Sen. Obama's fresh new and creative ideas that he offers to bring to the table.

Stop listening to those right-wing pill popping radio announcers that are high on some doctor-prescribed drug and start thinking for yourself. Then, put a little love in your heart and stop being so mean-spirited (that one will be hard I know) and think about how bright the future of this nation could be if the leaders in Washington could start to work together to solve the problems we face both at home and abroad, so that the next generation coming-up can experience the same standard of living and comfortable life our parents enjoyed.

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Enjoyed the poem, Maurice. I'll add two points: William Stafford - "Every war has two losers." And Robert Lowell - "There are no just wars." I can see merit in both.

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