Friday, April 18, 2008

Obama Closes In

With four days to go until the Pennsylvania primary, a new Zogby poll shows Hillary Clinton's lead has eroded to a statistical tie with her opponent. She now leads Barack Obama by only one point, garnering 45 percent to his 44 percent. That's down from a four-point lead a week ago.

Although she trounces Obama in the question of who understands Pennsylvania better (58 percent to 27 percent), voters do not agree with the characterization of his "bitter" remarks as elitist. By a margin of 31 points (60 percent to 29 percent), voters were more likely to agree with Obama's suggestion that economic troubles have led to bitterness than with Clinton's suggestion that he is out of touch.

These data are in accord with Pollster's Mark Blumenthal, who recently suggested in his National Journal column that Clinton does better when undecided voters are pushed to declare a preference. At 9 percent, Zogby's poll has a relatively high level of undecided voters, which could explain Obama's strong showing. (A week ago, the Zogby poll had a 10 percent undecided total.)

However, Sunday's Rasmussen poll, which also recorded 9 percent of voters as undecided, showed Clinton leading Obama 50 percent to 41 percent. Rasmussen's poll was automated; Zogby's was not. Support the candidate with a fresh new approach to resolving the problems this nation faces at:

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Now here's one of my poems meant to close in on its opponents too:

To Somewhere Or By

A forest that gives way to paper.
Tarpaulin scratched across pages of verbs.
A door leading to your porcelain yes.
Pink undertones entwined or a cold sore.
Her spine curves into the turnstile.
He nuzzles closer, twice her size.
Language concealed in flashing signals.
There is rain on the rails.
The lavender in a dream (with ruffles).
Oil-slick bubbles in a burnt-blue shimmer.
The O in a vowel made from oak.
Mail that consists mostly of bills.
A leaf against my cheek.
Knew it was, anyway, and tug-of-warring.

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